Recently we had a prospective beta tester ask us "what's in it for me? I am looking to generate revenue using the 7 drones we own" which is an awesome question. I wanted to share what I sent back in response.


First, thanks for responding to my email! Second, Happy New Year! Third, that is a great question. I love it. Let me give you an outline of our vision.

We started with the idea that you should be able to open an app on your phone and see live aerial video of anywhere you want to see, whether that means your morning commute, some event you're headed for downtown, or just anywhere that strikes your fancy--say the beach in Hawaii on a cold January night in Rochester. Picture Google Maps, but with live video instead of years old satellite imagery. We figured that in a decade you'll be able to do this via Google and/or Facebook, but realized that there are already a million drones out there that could be harnessed into a distributed network to provide this capability right now. So we started SkyTubeLive to turn it into reality.

Our app enables you to live stream via your Android device quickly and easily to our web platform, where anyone can find currently available live streams on our convenient map based interface. This is a huge improvement over Facebook and YouTube, where it is much more difficult for someone outside of your network to find videos you may stream. In addition, we are building in payment options that enable video viewers to make payments to you if they like the content you provide. This is inspired by other social media sites where viewers can make these sort of micropayments. See YouNow, for instance, as a site where people stream via their webcam to a free site, which has >100M monthly viewers, and even though the content is free, several million dollars is spent every month from viewers to the content providers. Note that this is not an adult site--the content is completely safe and inoffensive, and yet a large number of people are willing to make small payments, which can add up to quite an amount. Our thesis is that the number of people who will pay a few dollars for awesome live drone footage is vastly larger than the number who will pay several hundreds of dollars for the drone-as-a-service companies that are targeting a much different market.

Right now we have solved the major technical challenges, and are not aware of any other third-party app that offers our live streaming capability with our flexible options. We are also actively exploring various enterprise markets, such as insurance and government markets. What we have now is a chicken-and-egg problem. We cannot attract a sizeable audience without a large number of pilots contributing content to the site, and cannot attract pilots without a sizeable audience. What we can offer you right now is our status as a local startup company that is ambitious and energetic and dedicated to building a new web platform where drone pilots and drone video viewers can come together for mutual benefit. You can be one of our initial users, able to direct the development of our app and platform based on your feedback and experience, and be in from the very start.

I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have and talk at this at length with you. Please let me know any questions, comments, etc., you may have.