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SkyTubeLive is the site for live streaming drone videos.

Drone technology is now ready to offer live aerial footage to the public. We believe that this will be yet another democratization of information that will massively empower the individual in myriad ways.

Our initial concept was that all videos will be freely available to be viewed to anyone. Transparency is of utmost importance in order to demonstrate the usefulness of this technology and the good intentions of this community.

We still maintain this position, while also offering private stream for customers who may prefer that for their own applications.

Videos are organized by location and easily searchable by map. Convenience and ease-of-use will greatly enhance the utility of the aerial imagery being collected and shared by the global drone community.

SkyTubeLive is the product of founders with extensive experience with imagery and software development.

Please keep checking this site as we continue to add functionality and do not hesitate to contact us.

Please read our Terms of Use and Site Rules and Privacy Policy.

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